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When your home or workplace gets too hot during warm weather –


We have the solution.  Stay comfortable and much cooler all day with a Solar Roof Ventilator, that cools and ventilates the roof space and the rooms underneath, making living there far more comfortable.

Yes, stay comfortably cool, without feeling the heat radiating down from the ceiling.  Ever been at home after a hot day, and felt the cool breeze coming in the window, but you still feel uncomfortable from the residual heat of the house?   Well that problem is gone.

You can relax, or sleep, in any room of the house, on sunny days, and also later into the night.  No more bad sleeps.


  • Solar Roof Ventilators quietly remove heat from your roof or ceiling space, all day, every day, starting from first light.

  • Heat never builds up inside the ceiling space, and therefore doesn’t radiate down into the house through the ceiling.

  • This makes the rooms feel cooler, and more comfortable, day and night.  Very simple, but effective.

  • Solar Powered  – Increases comfort, with no running cost – Save hundreds of dollars in energy bills.

  • Reduces conventional Air Conditioning costs – they don’t have to work as hard – and live in a fresher-air environment.

  • Solar Roof Ventilators run hardest when it’s sunny and hot, and the heat problem is at it’s worst.


Summer roof temperatures often exceed 70°C. This greatly increases room temperatures inside your home. SolarArk solar roof ventilators can reduce roof temperatures by up to 30°C and room temperatures by up to 6°C.


  • Solar Roof Ventilators extract more than 10 times the amount of hot air than a wind-driven ventilator.

  • The smallest Solar roof ventilator can remove 10-15 times more hot air than a standard whirlybird, and the larger models remove up to 40% more air than that.

  • The difference in the cooling effect is remarkable.   Ask anyone who has made the change.  The solar roof ventilator runs hardest when the sun is out, regardless of whether there is any breeze or not.

  • Solar roof ventilators don’t make any noise or cause drafts during windy nights.

  • Solar roof ventilators extract the hot air fast, exactly when the heat needs extracting – that is, when the sun is shining!   Because of this, they run the whole day, and the roof space never gets to heat up.

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                 Large Solar Ventilators for industrial buildings.

Correctly designed to ventilate & remove heat all day using solar power.  Ideal for:

  • Factories and Warehouses – Industrial solar ventilators change the environment to comfortable all the time anywhere in the building!

  • Day Care Institutions – Industrial solar ventilators remove stuffiness and bad smells, without a noisy fan operating

  • Community Centres & Halls – always fresh air, no closed-up smells, or keeping the doors open for freshness

  • Sports Facilities – squash courts, basketball stadiums, change rooms – removes sweat and bad odor and replaces with cool fresh air

  • Office Buildings – improve the performance of the air-conditioning two-fold, at least!

  • Exhibition Centres – keeps the atmosphere fresh and alive, especially towards the end of the day

  • Bakeries and cookhouses – comfort for the workers – watch productivity improve.

  • Shed Ventilation (Industrial and Agricultural) – we have even solar-ventilated a jail!

  • Nursing Homes – Solar ventilators can remove smells from the corridors before they get to spread through the building.


                                            Large Solazone Solar Ventilators


Details of the adjustable thermostat


Large Solarwhiz Solar Ventilators

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